Industries & Applications

GB Inspection Systems (GBIS) supplies ultrasonic probes and consumables into all industries which use non-destructive testing (NDT), such as those listed below. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application with you and offer a suitable GBIS solution. 

Automotive Industry

Marine Industry

Metals Industry

Castings & Forgings, Steel Plate, Rod & Bar, Components

Oil, Gas & Petroleum

The world's need for energy is ever increasing. As such, it requires the need for more reliable inspection techniques in order to maximise the availability and usage of assets, along with extending life cycles through planned and reliable inspection programmes. Modern materials, along with new extraction techniques, also present unprecedented challenges for the industry. NDT enables greater information to be captured, giving accurate trend analysis.

GBIS' probes are used to test in the pipeline, petrochemical refinery and offshore sectors.

Power Generation

Application environments within the power generation sector are in abundance and include power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, nuclear power stations, wind turbines, transmission towers, etc. Inspectors are looking to test for defects in welds for erosion, corrosion and stress cracking in order to ensure that they meet applicable operating codes.


Safety is of paramount importance in the aviation industry and this is dependent on a growing worldwide maintenance, repair & overhaul industry.

Aircraft components also undergo rigorous inspection before they are assembled into the aircraft body itself. NDT procedures allow inspectors to test the integrity of parts and bonds, sometimes in areas of the plane that would otherwise be un-testable unless the structure was disassembled to gain access. Additionally, damage that is too small to be visually detected can be found. NDT plays a vital role in keeping air travel one of the safest modes of transportation. New composite materials create new inspection challenges to the industry, and NDT is at the forefront of material quality control.