High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

Wednesday 30th May 2018, 08:08

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack.  TULA – TOFD Ultra Low Angle, yet another ground breaking innovative product from GB Inspection Systems.

We’re pleased to introduce our new patent pending transducer, TULA, for HTHA early stage detection.

Lavender International’s HTHA course is endorsed by all major oil companies. Oil companies mandate that their technicians pass Lavender’s
course before being permitted to perform HTHA inspections. Our TULA HTHA transducer plays an important part of Lavender’s training due to
its unique feature of HTHA early stage detection.

Key points:
•            TULA’s approach has been proven to be a very simple yet highly sensitive means of detecting HTHA
•            TULA is a complementary technique to a number of others including PAUT, TFM & TOFD
•            TULA probes with specific focal depths are required to optimise detection throughout a range of thickness
•            TULA’s concept has also been applied to angle beam probes for the purpose of detecting HTHA in weld HAZ regions

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Photo courtesy of Acuren                                                                                                           Photo courtesy of IRISNDT 





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