GB Inspection Systems announces distribution partnership with IBG

Monday 12th June 2017, 08:08

GB Inspection Systems Ltd has announced that it is IBG NDT Systems' new exclusive distribution partner for the UK and Ireland. This agreement was formalised on 8 March 2017 at GB Inspection Systems’ premises.

Neil Smith, General Manager for GB Inspection, said “We are extremely pleased that a prestigious and professional company such as IBG has identified GB Inspection Systems as having the right mix of qualities to be able to exclusively promote its products and services within the UK and Ireland. Also, GB Inspection Systems’ 30 years of experience of repairing and calibrating many brands of NDT instrumentation means that we are well positioned to be a suitable partner, offering technical and product support to IBG’s existing and future customer base.”

Both GB Inspection and IBG have been in existence for more than 30 years and the IBG group has been a market leader in manufacturing eddy current test instruments and setting technology standards in the field of component testing. Whether it be for multi-frequency structure verification, automatic tolerance zone generation or multi-filter crack and grinder burn detection, innovations and inventions from IBG help developers shape the market and provide advanced testing solutions.

IBG’s products are best categorised into three parts: instrumentation, which can be freestanding or integrated into systems, coils and probes and automated systems, and all are produced at its manufacturing facilities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

There are two main applications for these products, crack detection and structure testing, and the main advantages of the instruments are as follows:

  • Calibration – bad parts are not needed for the calibration/ referencing of the equipment as calibration is only achieved with good parts;
  • Test frequencies – tests are made simultaneously at 30 band filters for crack detection and eight frequencies for structure testing, enabling defect detection in any direction, and even grinder burn;
  • Digital processing – the measured signals are pre-amplified and immediately converted into digital as soon as they are received by the instrument. Therefore, the complete processing is digital, without any risk of drifts and errors caused by analogue electronics.

These are some of the many significant advantages IBG provides and GB Inspection is happy to demonstrate and support.