Custom Made Probes

Special Custom Build Probes

GB Inspection Systems (GBIS) has manufactured bespoke probes for over 30 years, covering a wide range of applications. From simple contouring probes used on pipe testing, or providing special housings for easier access for testing solutions, right up to probes designed for your specific testing requirements, GBIS can manufacture bespoke probes for the job.  

Some typical applications for which we have manufactured probes are:

  • Bore probe for turbine rotor inspection.
  • Railway probes for track and axle testing
  • Turbine blade probes for steam turbine blades
  • Time of flight probes for Inconel inspection
  • Probes for automatic test systems
  • Through-transmission probes and single probes to detect the presence of fluids
  • Probes for nuclear plant inspection
  • High temperature probes for petro-chemical plant and oil pipeline inspection
  • Underwater test probes for oil platforms
  • Aerospace application

Please send us your enquiry for special probe requirements and we would be happy to help.