LIMBOTOFD is our unique low profile integral TOFD probe, patent pending GB 1709625.6.

Unique features and benefits of the LIMBOTOFD are:

  • Low Profile - Only 10mm high allowing easy access to previously inaccessible areas which are currently untestable using conventional TOFD transducers
  • Reduces Inspection Cost - No need to implement other possibly disruptive inspection methods such as radiography
  • High Signal to Noise - Single cycle responsiveness using 10/15 MHz
  • Integral Wedge - Unique patent pending design providing convenient use without the need to change wedges and providing the assurance of the transducer/wedge couplant film.
  • Increases Productivity - With conventional TOFD, losing a transducer may result in the loss of the use of its dependent wedges and forcing the inspection to stop. LIMBOTOFD eliminates this risk.


Currently available are 3mmø or 6 mmø and a frequency of 10 or 15 MHz composite crystals. Connector types are: Lemo 00 / Lemo 01 / BNC.


Standard part numbers are: 

LTOFD45-10(C3)   LTOFD60-10(C3)   LTOFD70-10(C3)
LTOFD45-10(C6)   LTOFD60-10(C6)   LTOFD70-10(C6)
LTOFD45-15(C3)   LTOFD60-15(C3)   LTOFD70-15(C3)
LTOFD45-15(C6)   LTOFD60-15(C6)   LTOFD70-15(C6)


Applications for the LIMBOTOFD:

  • 100% TOFD inspection on flanges
  • Boiler tube TOFD inspection
  • Restricted areas that have clearance issues of 10mm and above
  • ALL makes of scanner adaptors available upon request including Jireh's Circ-it and Olympus' COBRA™
  • Evaluations of weld root erosion and corrosion
  • Available in LARGER sizes

Click here to watch videos showing LIMBOTOFD™ being used with various flaw detectors, specifically the M2M Gekko, Olympus Omniscan SX, Sonatest Prisma and Zetec TOPAZ16.

Click here for a PDF document about LIMBOTOFD.